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As time permits, I will be adding titles I have from other labels. 


You can find REVIEWS of the titles below here. 


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Giancarlo Toniutti Sound-Field for Rattle Harp CD


Joda Clement Movement + Rest CD


Arsenije Jovanovic Galiola CD


Tidal/Peter Duimelinks Ablution mCD $7

Paul Bradley Memorais Extranjeras CD $10

Janek Schaefer/

Gino Zardo Walking East mCD $8

Paul Bradley Mas Memorais Extranjeras CD


NOTE: This is part two.  The same sleeve was used for both, but they have different catalogue numbers and CD printing.  This version is denoted with a sticker on the front.  Totally different work than the first- swear to god. 

Mem It Was A Very Good Year CD $8

Paul Bradley Chroma CD (on the Twenty-Hertz label)


Kuwayama-Kijima 01.05.10 CD $8

Paul Bradley 2 CD Special- Get both parts of "Memorais Extranjeras" for one price.


John Hudak Don't Worry About Anything; I'll Talk to you Tomorrow CD $8

Seth Nehil Amnemonic Site CD


Giancarlo Toniutti Ura Itam Taala' Momojmuj Löwajamuj Cooconaja 3"CD (Ferns, France) $7

Frans de Waard Vijf Profelein CD $10 Nearly sold out



Frans de Waard 2 CD set for low price.  Get the CD above with its companion piece "Profieldeel Zes" 3"CDr on Fran's own label.  Limited quantities. 


Revenant topolo CD (Prele label) with Dauby, Feraud, Grzinich, Hitoshi, McGinley


Afflux Bordeaux TNT CD

$10 Nearly sold out

Richard Francis Together Alone, Together Apart CD (CMI label) $10


Brian Leber Till CD


Hitoshi Kojo Ezo 10"  



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